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    The Baltimore Industrial Group has been actively engaged in efforts to protect and preserve maritime industrial lands in the City of Baltimore for over ten years. BIG helped spearhead the creation of the Maritime Industrial Zoning Overlay District (MIZOD), which was first enacted in 2004. The MIZOD has since been integral to protecting Baltimore's maritime industries by demarcating areas of deep-water access, and preserving them for industrial use. The need for such protections arose during a real estate boom that greatly increased pressure to convert waterfront industrial properties to mixed-use with residential, largely through the use of Planned Unit Developments (PUD's).

    Since that time BIG has continued to partner with the City of Baltimore to further these protections as part of the City's newly proposed zoning code, TransForm Baltimore. Under the new zoning code, the previous MIZOD protections will become a base zoning district with the same level of protections afforded by the MIZOD, but with no sunset date. In addition, new PUDs will be prohibited in the general industrial (I-1 and I-2) and in the Maritime Industrial (M-I) Zoning Districts.

    As TransForm Baltimore makes its way toward adoption, BIG continues to advocate on behalf of the MIZOD, TransForm Baltimore and other public policies that seek to preserve maritime industrial properties, protect maritime-related uses, and support intermodal freight movement.

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